Near Odessa, unknown assailants beat an Orthodox priest with a tire iron

In the village of Vasilievka in Odessa region unknown persons attacked a temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. The attack occurred on the night of 17 February, according to “Russian spring“.


“About three o’clock in the morning the priest living with the family in the Church, was awakened by extraneous noises. Going into the next room, he found a sneak thief, who immediately rushed to the priest,” the message reads.


First, the priest was able to cope and even to twist the attacker, but to help the offender came to his accomplice. He beat a priest with a metal crowbar. Then both assailants fled.


A priest with multiple injuries of the head, neck and shoulders were hospitalized for emergency treatment. The attackers have not been established.

Photo: Sergii Kharchenko / Globallookpress