CNN: FBI has no plans to show Flynn charges


© REUTERS/ Carlos Barria

The Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States has no plans to indict the former presidential adviser on national security, Michael Flynn any charges, reported CNN, citing law enforcement sources.

On Monday night, Flynn left his post and acknowledged that gave the White house inaccurate information about contacts with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak. Before the media reported that Flynn in December 2016 discussed with the dubious anti-Russian sanctions, despite the denials on this issue from representatives of the team of trump and of the adviser. The Kremlin said that Flynn was talking to Kislyak, but their conversation is not correct.

Later, the Washington Post reported that Flynn was questioned on the issue the FBI, and he said that it did not Kislyak on sanctions. If it were not true, then Flynn could face criminal prosecution for false testimony before the FBI. Also, in theory, Flynn was able to impute to a violation of the law of 1799, which forbids individuals to engage in diplomacy. At the same time the criminal case was evaluated as bad because there is no precise definition of what constitutes sanctions.

Sam Flynn in an interview with the Daily Caller’s resignation stated that he had not discussed sanctions, and expulsion from the US, 35 Russian diplomats in December it was announced simultaneously with the sanctions of the Obama administration.