May: UK and France will continue to exert pressure on Russia over Ukraine


© Toby Melville/Pool Photo via AP

Britain, despite the upcoming withdrawal from the European Union intends to continue to support its European partners in matters of foreign policy, in particular continuing together with France continue to exert pressure on Russia in the Ukrainian question. This was stated by Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa may in an article for the French newspaper Le Figaro published on Friday.

“The United Kingdom will remain together with France at the forefront of international efforts on Syria and Ukraine. This week, our countries are working on a joint resolution at the UN on Syrian chemical weapons,” she wrote.

As noted by Mei on Friday in the afternoon, she waits in London, the Prime Minister of France Bernard Kazneva, which will arrive in the British capital with a working visit.

“When the Prime Minister Cazeneuve will join me later today, I have no doubt that we will once again come to an agreement as to whether to continue to exert pressure on Russia in response to its aggressive and destabilizing actions in Eastern Ukraine and serious deterioration of the humanitarian situation that we have recently witnessed,” said the head of the British government.