Kosachev said the key issue of the Syrian settlement

Konstantin Kosachev

The last two years, the world lives with the problems of Syria, but genuine information about what is happening in the country is almost there, said the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev. This opinion was expressed on Thursday, February 16, during the teleconference “the Interparliamentary dialogue about a peaceful future for Syria,” the Moscow — Damascus — Astana, the press service of the upper house of Parliament, arrived in edition “Tapes.ru”.

“Instead of information — propaganda, instead of real help — speculation on the humanitarian situation”, — said Kosachev.

The Senator stressed that during the teleconference, the parties tried to agree upon what is today the Republic needs. He also expressed hope that the discussion will help the success of the negotiations on Syria in Geneva.

The main topic of discussion was the results of the past in the capital of Kazakhstan inter-Syrian negotiations. Kosachev said the outcome of the discussions in Astana positive.

In Damascus, joined the teleconference members of the National Council of the Syrian Arab Republic, representatives of the coalition “Platform of Damascus”, the moderate opposition, the Chairman of the Committee on foreign Affairs of the people’s Council of the Syrian Arab Republic Butrous Mariani Farah, the representative of the Party of the socialist Union Khaled al-Aboud, the MP Ashwagh Abbas.

Mariani in his speech emphasized that Russia is legitimately involved in the military operation in Syria. However, he assured that the Syrian government is trying to do everything possible for those who live in conditions of crisis.

15-16 February in Astana there is another round of consultations and negotiations in the framework of the Astana process to resolve the situation in Syria.

The first talks between the delegations of the armed opposition and the Syrian government under the mediation of Russia and Turkey were held in Astana on 23-24 January. Russia has proposed amendments to the Constitution of the SAR. A new round of inter-Syrian talks starts in Geneva on 23 February.