From the Crimea to the Altai Republic to search for the helicopter to take sonar

In the Republic of Altai for use in the search for the helicopter Robinson, which presumably fell into the lake of Teletskoye, will be directed side-scan sonar KLEIN 3900, capable of operating at great depths. This was reported on the website of the Siberian regional center of EMERCOM of Russia.

Sonar is in service of the Kerch search and rescue team. Trained personnel will deliver it to the place of search operations by air. The device allows to carry out surveillance in the waters to a depth of 200 metres and to identify the objects located on the bottom.

Side-scan sonar KLEIN 3900 has already been used on lake Teletskoye, when in July 2011 at a depth of 203 meters sank the boat. It works on the search and recovery lasted two months.

In the afternoon on Thursday, February 16, wind and high waves on the lake almost did not allow the divers to work on the water. On the night of 17 February for five hours, while the lake was calm, the specialists used underwater vehicle Falcon. Night searches yielded no results.

Robinson R66 fell on February 12 in Turochaksky district. On Board were five people — former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Anatoly Bannykh, CEO HeliClub Maria Kozintsev, chief pilot of the airline”, Altavia” Dmitry Rakitskaya with his wife Elena Rakitskaya and another passenger Gleb Voevodin. Upon falling criminal case.