Indestructible Nokia first Bluetooth phones of the 2000s

Indestructible Nokia first Bluetooth phones of the 2000s

Return to a decade ago, and recall the technological innovations of the past.

Classic phone Nokia 3310, which ushered in the era of modern mobile devices get a new life. The Finnish company HMD Global Oy, which owns the rights to the Nokia brand, will present a novelty at the end of February at the exhibition in Barcelona.

The new version will provide a powerful battery, capable of long work without recharging. On the strength of the original phone, which appeared on the shelves in the early 2000s, legends, and the creators of the modern version of the device is taken into account. If you believe the promises of the developers of the upgraded Nokia 3310, the device will be “virtually invulnerable”. The cost model will be €59.

A week before the official demonstration of the machine we invite readers to take a test that will remind you of phone updates early 2000s.