Octopus and uninvited sperm whale: Declared the best underwater photographers in 2017

Octopus and uninvited sperm whale: Declared the best underwater photographers in 2017

For amazing shots of marine life photographers overcome anxiety, panic, low temperatures and a lot of frustration, eventually creating some terrific photographs.

French photographer Gabriel Balasu declared the winner of the competition “Underwater photography 2017” for the “aggressive dancing” octopus. His model hit the camera lens in the shallows in the lagoon, where natural sunlight that fills the underwater world with amazing Shine.

His colleague from the UK, Nick Blake, too, was among the winners for the photo of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. In one of the water-filled caves he took the diver among bands of sunlight.

Some stunning winners of this year’s Underwater photographer of the year comp https://t.co/fAN4PVwUVJ pic.twitter.com/VtBLyDsVFG

— Fiona Shields (@fshields) February 15, 2017

Argentine photographer Horacio Martinez looked in the Red sea and conveyed the depth of his shades. Tiny shark in the frame turns into a lot of sense about the power of nature.

“Oceanic In The Sky”, Horacio Martinez/ pic.twitter.com/0ViHNZz9G2

— Demoiselle J (@DemoiselleJK) February 15, 2017

In the category “Most promising photographer of the year” was won by Nicholas Georgiou from UK dangerous the flocks of whales: most photographers think enough the presence of one of the whale-killer in the frame, but Nikolai did not lose their cool and not panicked when floated past the pack.

“Orca Pod”, ©Nicholai Georgiou/ pic.twitter.com/dcWq28SGgu

— Demoiselle J (@DemoiselleJK) February 15, 2017

In wide-angle format was leading an amazing “theatrical” scene of hunting the sperm whale for a shoal of small fishes. Frenchman Fabrice Guran caught him off the coast of Norway, when waiting for the whales. But then a flock of herring broke into a sperm whale and photographer don’t hesitate to captured the moment.

Wide-angle category – highly commended. Frozen Hunting by Fabrice Guerin (France) pic.twitter.com/M6R97kbuxq

— Duka Kofi Boateng (@DukaKofi) 14 Feb 2017