NASA plans a mission to search for life on Jupiter’s moon

NASA plans a mission to search for life on Jupiter’s moon

MOSCOW, 15 Feb — RIA Novosti. National aerospace Agency of the USA, NASA plans a mission to Jupiter’s moon Europe with the goal of detecting life, writes the edition of SpaceNews.

It is planned to send to Europe a machine that can explore the moon’s surface.

“The mission could take place by 2024. Scientists have put three goals: finding evidence of past or present life under or on the surface of Europa. Is Europe fit for habitation, regardless of ship research mission to detect evidence of past or present life. Characterization of the surface for future missions”, — said the publication with reference to the report of a team of NASA officials.

“Satellite Europe may hold the key to unlocking a long-standing aim of NASA is to determine one or not we in the Universe”, — the report says.

Participation in the mission of man is not reported.

SpaceNews published a conceptual drawing of NASA, where the rectangular spacecraft with the Agency logo and the US flag explores the surface of Europa.

It is expected that the research unit will be equipped with instruments to determine organic and inorganic substances, in particular, a microscope, a spectrometer, cameras, and seismic instruments. Delivery of this unit planned for the Space Launch System rocket. It is anticipated that studies on the moon of Jupiter may take 20 days.