The Chinese have integrated into a flock of a thousand drones

The Chinese have integrated into a flock of a thousand drones

In flight devices are sequentially formed six figures.

Engineers of the Chinese company Ehang has managed to combine a group of one thousand drones. As reported by Global Times, a demonstration of a group of drones was held at the annual lantern festival in Guangzhou in Guangdong province. The drones managed by a single engineer with a single remote. During the flight the drones formed six different formations.

Several companies and research organizations in the world today are engaged in the development of control algorithms for large groups of drones. Such algorithms would allow several hundred drones under the control of one or two people to conduct a detailed reconnaissance or break through the air defense system of the enemy. Until now, professionals were able to raise into the air a group of a hundred drones.

Chinese engineers used quadcopters Ghostdrone 2.0. According to the publication, engineers Ehang raised in the air a group of thousands of drones, managed to set a Guinness world record. Gradually soaring drones in the air are sequentially formed several glowing figures and hieroglyphic inscriptions. However, some drones were flying very close to each other.

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In mid-January of the current year it became known that the Management of the strategic capacity of the Ministry of defense in conjunction with the command aircraft systems, the Navy carried out tests of miniature drones Perdix. These devices were launched from the three of F/A-18 Super Hornet. In total, the aircraft dropped 103 of the device, which then merged into the pack.

During the tests, the drones Perdix military tested the ability of the apparatus to independently form groups, choose “leader”, to allocate roles and to replace each other in case of losses. All tests deemed successful.

Vasily Sychev