In the state Duma urged to expand the action “Immortal regiment”


RIA Novosti

The head of the Duma Committee on education Vyacheslav Nikonov called to defend historical memory, and stated that the legislators will do everything necessary to ensure that the initiative is “Immortal regiment” was as broad as possible.

“Historical memory must be protected, especially because this field is now a very active fight,” — said Nikonov to journalists.

According to him, efforts being made to protect the historical memory is very important.

“All of us, I think, appreciated the initiative of the “Immortal regiment”… the Educational value of the “Immortal regiment” cannot be overstated… We will try to do all that is needed from legislators that this initiative may become ever broader, deeper and carried more serious, positive effect for our country,” — said the MP.

The action “Immortal regiment” was held on the Victory Day in Russia and other countries. This March, during which people carry pictures of their relatives who participated in the great Patriotic war. The first such event was held in Tomsk. In 2015, in the Immortal regiment March across Russia was attended by about 12 million people. After this was created all-Russian public Patriotic movement “Immortal regiment of Russia”.