Former fighters of the APU, blocking the delivery of coal from the DNR, ready to start the siege all over Ukraine

Former participants of the ATO, blocking exports of coal from the Donbass to Ukraine, intend to extend the blockade to other areas.


“We can selectively monitor the compositions that are on occupied territory or on the territory of the country. I have over the last three weeks became a great expert on railway transport”, — quotes inforesist the words of one of the organizers of the commercial blockade in the Donbass Anatoly Vinogrodsky.


According to him, the introduction of state of emergency and rolling blackouts in Ukraine is the attempt of the authorities to set the civil population against the blockade of Donbass.


“Now they are trying to set up the blockade against the civilian population. They don’t think we can block not only the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but also in other areas,” — said the coordinator of the blockade.


He also added that this has already established headquarters in Ukraine.

Photo: Semyon Semchenko /