Moscow authorities will begin from February 14 the demolition samostroev from last year’s list

Moscow authorities will begin from Tuesday, February 14, 13 the analysis of the illegally built objects that fall under last year’s ruling on the demolition, but still is not eliminated, reports “Interfax” with reference to the press service of the state Inspectorate for real estate.

The total area of these objects by 2.4 thousand square meters. They are located in the North-East and North-West district of the capital.

According zines and 76 percent of owners samostroev “fourth wave” has agreed to dismantle its facilities on a voluntary basis. The list of buildings was approved by the mayor on December 13. 11 objects will be “dismantled” their own, even to 30, the Moscow authorities received consent for the demolition with the assistance of the prefectures. Just new list includes 54 total area of 19,368 square feet.

According to the state Inspectorate for real estate in Moscow, the construction belongs to the squatter, if the city has not allocated land for the construction of a capital facility and the permit for its construction as acts of commissioning issued.

The first mass demolition of the unauthorized construction was held in Moscow in February 2016. Then it was removed 103 trade pavilion, most of them are located near metro stations.