Coaches of the hockey club was suspended after the death of 14-year-old player in Podolsk

Two coaches of the hockey club “Vityaz-2003” dismissed after the death of 14-year-old hockey player Ilya Solnyshkina, reports the Federation of hockey of Russia (FHR). It is noted that the teenager died from internal bleeding after a fight with teammates.

Dmitry Dubrovsky and Vyacheslav Kurochkin removed to clarify the investigative authorities of all the circumstances of the death of a teenager. FHR also is conducting its own investigation, which involved the medical service of the Federation and the security service.

As told the TV channel “360”, after a fight with his friends at Solnyshkina started internal bleeding. In Podolsk hockey school “Vityaz” he came in September 2016.

November 30, during the Amateur match between Buryat clubs “Soldier” and “Dorozhnik” one of the players beat two of the judges of the stick. One of the judges he broke a finger, another left numerous injuries.