Tourists are told about the disastrous romantic travel

Tourists are told about the disastrous romantic travel

Tourists from around the world shared their stories about failed romantic travel. This writes the newspaper The Guardian.

Nilufer Atik (Nilufer Atik) recalls how he went to rest on the island of Corfu in Greece with friends. The girl was without a pair, and there became acquainted with a local waiter.

During one of his visits Atik invited the man to his hotel. However, the bed in her room, which the tourist was taken for a double was actually two beds pushed together. They accidentally opened, and a woman fell into the gap formed, fracturing his coccyx.

Incident fracture also occurred with two tourists vacationing in Grenada.

Damjanovski Sasha (Sasha Damjanovski) recalls how while walking he slung his wife over his shoulder. In the end, he broke his wife’s rib.

Jude Clark (Jude Clarke) told me as I flew with my husband in the Sicilian city of Palermo to celebrate our honeymoon. However, her suitcase with clothes that she carefully chose for the occasion, was lost during the trip. New things Clark was not able to buy, because the couple was robbed.

Keren Levi (Keren Levy) also visited Sicily and the visit too was unsuccessful. The woman went there with a colleague with whom were hoping to initiate a romantic relationship. But on the second day of stay tourist stung by a jellyfish, causing her face swollen. A colleague had to care for the victim. In the end, the couple did not take place.