The Melania trump will keep the garden Michelle Obama

The Melania trump will keep the garden Michelle Obama

NEW YORK, February 13. /Offset. TASS Natalia Slavina/. The first lady of the United States, the Melania trump intends to keep the vegetable garden near the White house, attended by her predecessor, Michelle Obama.

Told reporters as senior Advisor to the President’s wife, Stephanie Wolkoff, the first lady of the United States will ensure that all parts of the Park, including the famous Rose garden and a small vegetable garden, there was still the respect.

In 2009, Michelle Obama along with American schoolchildren smashed the vegetable beds on the South lawn of the White house. With a request to revive an existing garden it asked the international organization “Kitchen Gardeners International”, promoting environmentally friendly food.

Michelle took care of the garden and within eight years grew it vegetables, greens and herbs: sweet potatoes, salads, broccoli, spinach, mint, beets, onions, fennel, rhubarb, peas and pumpkin

Along the tracks in the beds growing annual flowers. Later, she organized a garden, even a small apiary. It was alleged that the residents of the White house and their guests were treated to these “vegetables from the garden”, and fresh honey.

The garden became a Central element of the campaign that Michelle Obama has deployed in support of healthy nutrition for children and adolescents, including in the fight against obesity. The first lady spent in the garden of the White House educational tours for schoolchildren, and the children helped her in the fall to reap a rich harvest.

“I am very proud that this small vegetable garden can be considered a symbol of our hopes that America will be more safe from the point of view of children’s health, said Michel. — I very much hope that all future presidential family will also care for the garden.”

The first vegetable garden at the White house were defeated in the days of the second US President John Adams in 1800. During the Second world war the garden on site bred the President’s wife Eleanor Roosevelt. In the 1990s, the Clinton years, the couple staged a mini-garden on the roof of the White house.