The British fixed the big air ship

The British fixed the big air ship

Airlander 10 is currently undergoing ground tests.

The British company Hybrid Air Vehicles has completed the repair of the structural elements of the hybrid aircraft Airlander 10, the world’s largest aircraft. As written by Aviation Week, currently the company is conducting ground testing of a vessel intended to test his strength and reliability of all onboard systems.

Repair hybrid aircraft took after the accident, which occurred August 24, 2016. During a test flight at the moment of landing, the machine got caught on a power line of the mooring rope, after which he dived and hit the ground nose. The crew in the accident were not injured.

The results of the investigation, experts Hybrid Air Vehicles have come to the conclusion that the cause of the accident was not the hook of the cable, and the failure of airborne equipment. In the course of the repair company repaired composite elements crew capsule and the attachment devices and the part of the flight hardware. Was also rewritten the algorithm for landing Airlander 10.

Airlander 10, is externally similar to the airship belongs to the class of aircraft heavier than air. It has a gas volume filled with helium. They create up to 40 percent of the lift force required for take-off and maintain the apparatus in the air. The remaining part is created by electric motors and propellers which can rotate in multiple directions.

Length Airlander 10 is 92 meters and a width of 43.5 meters. With the crew on Board the device can stay aloft for up to five days. Its capacity is ten tons. The ship is equipped with four turbo-diesel engines, 350 horsepower each. With their help, it can fly at a cruising speed of 148 kilometers per hour.

Vasily Sychev