Adviser to trump the vote in the US voted aliens and the dead

Adviser to trump the vote in the US voted aliens and the dead

MOSCOW, 13 Feb — PRIME. Senior adviser to the President of the United States Donald trump for political Affairs Steven Miller in interview to TV channel ABC has declared, that during voting in the presidential election in November 2016, voted dead people, and persons who are not citizens of the country.


“The white house has provided a huge amount of evidence of voter fraud, including voting by the people living in more than one state”, — said the adviser.

He added that such violations of the elections are a scandal for the United States.

The politician stressed that Americans should be “horrified” because of the “unravelling” of the electoral rights of citizens of the United States.

Recall that the U.S. presidential election held on 8 November. Voting for two candidates — Republican Donald trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, won by the trump.

Around the elections and the election campaign there were a lot of scandals. In particular, the administration of then incumbent President Barack Obama stated about the involvement of Russian hackers meddling in the election.