North Korea launched a ballistic missile

Kim Jong-UN monitors the launch of a ballistic missile

North Korea launched a ballistic missile towards the sea of Japan. About it reports on Sunday, February 12, the Agency “Yonhap”, citing a statement by the joint chiefs of staff of the Armed forces of South Korea.

Rocket of unknown type was launched from the Eastern coast of the province of the airport at 07.55 local time (01.55 GMT). Later, the government of Japan reported that it fell in the sea of Japan, reports TASS. According to the South Korean military, it flew about 500 kilometers.

It is assumed that we are talking about ballistic missile “Musudan”, the range of which reaches three thousand kilometers.

The DPRK in 2016, has spent more than 20 launches of ballistic missiles and two nuclear tests that violate resolutions of the UN security Council imposed on Pyongyang sanctions.

In his new year address to the nation, North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN announced that Soviet Intercontinental ballistic missile is “in final stages of development” and “North Korea will strengthen its military capabilities if the U.S. is unwilling to undertake an aggressive policy.”