In the Belgian karting center nearly 70 people were poisoned by carbon monoxide

Nearly 70 people were injured from carbon monoxide poisoning in karting centre in Belgium. About it reports on Saturday, 11 February, the newspaper Le Soir.

The incident occurred at about 20:00 local time (22:00) GMT in the city of Wavre in the kart centre WiK, the official opening was scheduled for February 14. According to preliminary data, the cause of PE was the failure in the ventilation system. That the air is “unbreathable”, drew the attention of some viewers.

The condition of five injured is serious, and 12 as moderate, 50 employees mild poisoning. Victims are sent to various hospitals. Just the time of the incident in the room were about 150 visitors.

At the scene working firefighters and rescuers. The Prosecutor’s office of the province of Walloon Brabant launched an investigation which has to establish, whether worked at the kart center, warning system technical faults.

January 30, in a country house in the German town of Arnstein in Bavaria, were found the bodies of six young people aged 18-19 years who participated in the party. According to investigators, the victims were kindled in the house of a wood-burning fireplace, presumably, the cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning.