The triumph of the fist law in Ukraine: the judge in Zaporizhia beat a man in a courtroom

After the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to resolve issues with their fists began and judges. So, in Zaporozhye judge Alexander Boyko snatched on the representative of the accused. As reported by “Public TV Zaporozhye”, the court hearing in the civil case took place on 6 February.


Judge Alexander Boyko during the meeting, demanded to detain persons who are in the courtroom. In response, the activist Sergey Velichko, who represented the interests of the accused, offered to act accordingly and with the judge himself. In response to brisk pushed Velichko and walked out of the courtroom.


In this case, for the act of a servant of the law punished the victim. A man accused of assaulting a judge, sent to the detention center, and then put under house arrest.