A despicable man and rotten athlete: Russians “attacked” Instagram Fourcade

Fans of biathlon of Russia criticized the behavior of the athlete from France’s Martin Fourcade in the mixed relay at the world Championships in the Austrian Hohfiltsene.


According to users of the social network Instagram, the actions of the Frenchman, who dropped in the snow Russian Alexander Loginov while racing, and after that I left the podium at the awarding ceremony team Russia, who took bronze, vile.


“Are you a man when you do what mean, and this meanness and authority not earned” – says one user.


“Honestly don’t know how to fight….what a shame…such a rotten athletes are no more,” added another.


“Martin is a great athlete. And low people,” says the user.


“You have disgraced your country!” – said another lady.


Among the thousands of comments to the photo men, the many contain profanity and insults to the athlete.


Thursday, February 9, during the race He clipped and hit Alexander Loginov at the time of change of stage, and later left the podium during the awarding ceremony of the Russians. The athlete says that he hit the Russian biathlete during the relay by accident, and left the pedestal, because the Russian Shipulin and usernames didn’t shake his hand.