The police were interested in video from car of the Director of the Lenkom on the sidewalk

Capital management of traffic police checks the video, which was captured on the sidewalk in the center of Moscow, the Toyota Land Cruiser with series numbers AMR, presumably belonging to the Director of theatre Lenkom Mark Varshaver. About it reports on Thursday, February 9, RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the Ministry.

“Capital management of traffic police checks on the fact posted in the Internet of the video where the driver of the Toyota car violates traffic rules,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier in the Internet appeared the video made, according to its author, on Malaya Dmitrovka street. It shows how the driver of the SUV arguing with an it young man, demanding the release of the road, calling him “scum” and threatening to “take police”.

According to some media reports, driving a Toyota was the Director of theatre Lenkom mark Varshaver. He confirmed in an interview with TASS the fact of the conflict, however, has denied violation of rules of the road. “My car drove to the service entrance of the theater to unload the brochures published for the jubilee evening. Then I went out, and we already wanted to leave, but at this moment a young man of 17-18 years, without introducing themselves, began to take pictures with the phone, not allowing the car to drive”, — said Varshaver.

The Director of the Lenkom said that he had asked a young man to miss a car, in response, he refused and continued shooting. “I told him you’re probably a sick boy, just block the way and make it impossible to pass,” he added.

Varshaver admitted that he was not entirely correct. At the same time, he noted that he was not going to Park the car on the sidewalk. “Probably in a few minutes you can stop to unload the boxes, then I do not see a violation. If the car stood for hours and waited until the gentleman and put his body in the car is one thing. And when there is a discharge, and the man comes and sits down to leave is another,” — said the Director, expressing the view that the young man had no right to remove him and the car.

At the same time, Varshaver assured that is not going to file a lawsuit against the author of the shooting, noting that “he has a lot to do” and he does not want “to engage in slander”.