The main dietician of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation: “we Have to be always a little hungry.”

The main dietician of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation: “we Have to be always a little hungry.”

We used to eat quickly on the go, than God will send. Experts are convinced all this leads to serious health problems and premature death. Can these troubles be avoided?

Word — academician, the chief nutritionist of the country and scientific Director of the Institute of nutrition (now the Federal research center of food biotechnology and food safety. — Ed.) Victor Tutelian.


Natalia Leskova, “The AMF. Health”: Victor A., Institute of nutrition for soon 60 years, and 55 of them you work in it. This is a serious scientific institution with a large number of departments and laboratories, the clinic of healthy eating, the clinic… But in our country it is not accepted to take these areas seriously. People eat anything. Why?

Victor tutelian: this Is, unfortunately, our mentality. But for a scientist it is wrong to blame the darkness and ignorance of the people. People need to educate. So, do not get tired to repeat: if you want to live long and be healthy, you have to care about what you eat. We get energy not from the sun, not from wood and not from outer space, no matter how much some may say. This unscientific nonsense. The only source of our energy is food.

— Nevertheless, it is believed that the modern person not to overeat, even eat to the full, in order not to get fat…

— We have to accustom ourselves to the habit to be always a little hungry. “Little” being the key word. Not to bring yourself to the hungry fainting and dizziness, not to torment himself debilitating diets, and there are all what you want but little by little. There is a very accurate indicator of your health — scales. Use them at least once a week and everything will be under control.

A weighty problem

— How do you think obesity is a disease or just lack of will?

— Obesity is a disease, but in most cases the reason for it — lack of will. In our time it has reached epidemic proportions.

According to estimates, each kilogram of excess weight increases the likelihood of various diseases and shortens life.NewsSet just three pounds leads to diabetes

Even a little overweight can reduce life expectancy by 3-5 years, and suffering from severe obesity live 15 years less. Such people have virtually no chance to make it to 75 years. After all, obesity is the imbalance will inevitably lead to health problems. Fat formation require additional blood supply, and thus increases the load on the heart. Fat raises the diaphragm, displace the heart, damages the lungs, leading to shortness of breath, palpitations, fatigue. Besides, fat people and many diseases are heavier than people with normal weight.

— But after all, fat men were always, and in the time of Rembrandt, or even Rubens was considered the standard of beauty.

— Obesity is as old as humanity itself. Perhaps, this problem didn’t just cave people. Now overweight have more than a billion earthlings. In our country this disease is a problem from the category nabolisa. Look around at how much young people with overweight! In Europe from 20 to 36% of children and teenagers weigh more norms. Russia is no exception.

For every two or three years, we recruited three pounds. Our women have long been among the world leaders in obesity, but in recent years they are steadily catching up with men. So if we don’t want his example to contribute to the degradation of the earth’s civilization, we must remember that we are members of the species “Homo sapiens”.

Jogging at the stadium!

— What is the reason that mankind is getting fatter? Heard somewhere that to blame the virus…

— This is still unsubstantiated hypothesis. Know exactly what to blame our sedentary lifestyle. This is payback for the technical progress. Every day the average Russian, is not ready to physical exercise, consumes 1200-1500 calories more than he needs. What is the solution? Jogging to the stadium, wound rounds up a sweat, swim, go to the gym, get real load! Then you can eat all you want. This is not possible — eat a little, but right and drink vitamins and supplements.

— Heard many times from your fellow doctors that vitamins and Supplements are useless and even harmful.

— In fact, we are seriously exploring a variety of vitamin-mineral complexes and dietary Supplements and come to the conclusion that they are a crucial component of a healthy diet of modern man. Where else can we receive the required amount of the whole range of essential substances (amino acids, fats, 12 vitamins, ten minerals, mineral and biologically active substances), if not this way?

Fasting — not starvation

— Will soon begin another lent. Tell me, from the point of view of a nutritionist, long-term abstinence from animal protein is probably not useful?

Post applies primarily to people healthy. For children, pregnant women, people suffering from serious chronic diseases, such tests are harmful. If there are no contraindications, such a jolt to the body can be useful. It is only important to fill the shortage of the liquid. While fasting you must drink up to 3 liters of water a day, and everything will be fine. In order to fill the shortage of calcium during fasting is particularly important to add to the usual diet with a vitamin and calcium Supplement.

In General, it is important to remember that in Orthodoxy post has never been the equivalent of starvation. In Russia since ancient times there is a rich and varied “lean” menu. At the same time we must understand that the primary meaning of lent — a spiritual work.

What weight is considered the norm

For weight control there is a formula for calculating “normal” body weight:

M = P (cm) — (100+3N) where M is body mass; R — increase; N — every decade after 30 years.

For example: a woman of 50 years, growth 164 cm, should have a weight 164-100+3×2=70 kg.

And stricter requirements on the waist. Today this option is no more than 80 cm for women, for men — high 94 see