In Shchelkovo, near Moscow were frozen to death escaped from the hospital pensioner

In the suburbs froze to death 84-year-old patient Shchelkovo clinical hospital №1. This was reported in the Thursday, February 9, at the website of the regional Central Board of the Investigative Committee.

In fact the incident started investigation verification. It is noted that the investigators will give a legal assessment of the actions of physicians in the correct medical care.

According to the TV channel “360”, the woman’s body was found a few metres from the Shchelkovo district hospital. Familiar with the situation, the source reported that the patient was trying to escape from the neurological Department at the fire escape. “Found her at about 09:00 GMT with signs of hypothermia. She was taken to the intensive care unit, but unfortunately, there has come clinical death,” he explained.

At the same time, as told to the TV channel REN TV daughter of the deceased, the doctor left the patient unattended and the guard released her outside at her request.

February 7 at the house of disabled people in Yakutsk froze to death 42-the summer man. His body early on the morning of 6 February was found by the worker of social companies.