Sands found it difficult to appreciate the idea of annually celebrating the introduction of predamage

Dmitry Pescitarian: the Ministry of culture clarified his position on the Day of patriotism, after the words Peskov

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov has found it strange proposal to establish a feast Day of patriotism to celebrate the anniversary of the introduction of a food embargo against the West — 6 Aug. He stated this on Thursday, February 9, reports the correspondent of”.ru”.

“There is nothing to do in the Kremlin. And second, this story is not entirely clear, I would still recommend to clarify and at the Deputy that he had in mind, and the culture that they said this, because enough contradictory messages,” said Sands, answering the question of journalists about how the Kremlin’s attitude to this initiative.

Earlier on Monday it became known that the Ministry of culture gave a positive opinion on the proposal to establish in Russia the Day of patriotism. This was listed in the answer of the first Deputy Minister Vladimir Aristarkhov at the request of the Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov.

However, Aristarkhov noted that this question should “be considered in the context of broad public discussion and conduct a historical and chronological assessment of the Russian Academy of Sciences”. In addition, you must submit a financial statement.

The initiative to establish a new holiday belongs to the head of the Association of entrepreneurs for development of business of patriotism “Avanti” Rahman Anacova. In his address to the leadership of the state Duma, he emphasized that the establishment of a new memorable date will allow “to perpetuate the manifestation of unity in the country” in response to external pressure.

In 2014, a number of countries, including the USA and member States of the EU established restrictive measures against Russia, linking them with the entry of the Crimea into the Russian Federation, and then the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine. In response, on 6 August of the same year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree imposed an embargo on the import of a whole list of products from these countries.