Feldman dubbed Valentine’s Day cheap fake spiritual

Sergey Aksenov

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said about the inadmissibility of Valentine’s Day celebrations in educational institutions of the Republic. About it he wrote on Friday, February 10, on his page in Facebook.

This psevdoprazdnik, in his opinion, is irrelevant to Orthodoxy and far from the culture of the peoples of Russia. “This is a cheap spiritual fake. And, of course, a commercial project,” — said Aksenov.

He added that Valentine’s Day in the Crimea has received wide circulation in the Ukrainian period. “The Kiev government has encouraged all that have contributed to the erosion of our traditional spiritual and family values. I think that any activities that would support this psevdoprazdnik, schools and other educational institutions of the Russian Crimea should not be”, — said the head of RK.

According to Aksenova, Russia has a truly national holiday that has deep historical and spiritual roots. “It’s July 8 — the Day of family, love and fidelity. On this day, Orthodox Christians revere the memory of saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom Wonderworkers, patron Saint of the family”, he concluded.

In February last year, Feldman likened the occasion to the medieval Sabbat, urged Russians not to celebrate Valentine’s Day and advised to quickly “get rid of this garbage.”

Valentine’s day (Valentine’s Day) is celebrated every year on 14 February in many countries around the world. Presumably named for one of the two early Christian martyrs named Valentine — Valentine Interance and Valentin Roman. In Russia this holiday has gained popularity since the 1990-ies.