Three Turkish soldiers were killed in unintentional strike of Russian air force

Three Turkish soldiers were killed and 11 injured in unintentional impact of Air and space forces of Russia in the North of Syria, said the General staff of the Turkish armed forces. About it reports Reuters.

The incident was one of the topics of the telephone conversation of presidents of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said in the military. The Russian leader expressed his condolences. The parties also agreed to investigate the incident.

The blow was struck the morning of 9 February, in which were Turkish security forces. “The representatives of Russia said that there was a mistake in the coordinates of the strike, expressing regret and sympathy to the Turkish side” — quoted by Anatolian Agency the statement of the Turkish General staff.

Information about the unintended impact of videoconferencing in Syria was confirmed by the Ministry of defense of Russia, reports RIA Novosti. The Department stated that the military of the two countries agreed on closer coordination of joint actions and exchange of information on ATS. There is also said that the incident occurred near the town of al-Bab.

Fighting in El-Baba, located northeast of Aleppo, have been under way since December of 2016. Attack on city controlled by militants of the banned in Russia “Islamic state”, are units of the opposition free Syrian army with the support of the Turkish military (they, in turn, carried out in the Syrian operation “shield of the Euphrates”). In January 2017, Russia and Turkey began launching joint airstrikes in the area of this settlement.