Two threat psihbolnyh escaped from the hospital in the Kaliningrad region

In the Kaliningrad region from the closed psychiatric hospital escaped two dangerous patients, the press service of the regional interior Ministry cupola.

The age of the fugitives — 28 years and 33 years. According to operational information, they can now be in the city of Chernyakhovsk. “Runaway can be a danger to inhabitants of the region, so as to earn money for the life they will by illegal means”, — stated in the message of the cupola.

Police area asked local residents aid in the detection and apprehension of patients.

In April 2016, three patients of the military hospital in St. Petersburg killed two nurses and escaped from the institution. The police took half a day to detain them. The fugitives were detained together in the car, in the city of Svetogorsk Leningrad region near the Finnish border.