Syrian media reported air strike by Israel

Quneitra, archive

The Israeli air force launched an airstrike on the Syrian town of Quneitra, located in the South-West of the country. On Thursday, February 9, reported Reuters citing a source in Syrian military circles.

The helicopter of the Israeli air force attacked one of the houses. Thus in Syrian airspace it did not go. Rocket, according to SANA, was released from the “occupied territories” — the Golan heights.

As a result of incident nobody has suffered. In Damascus called such a blatant attack, noting that the aim is to help gangs. According to representatives of the Syrian authorities, the attack will not force the Syrian army to abandon the fight against terrorists.

In mid-January, the Syrian army command announced that Israeli air force bombarded the military airport of al-Mezze, located to the West of Damascus.

Relations between Damascus and tel Aviv remain tense, particularly over the territorial dispute over the Golan heights. Israel occupied them at the end of the six day war in 1967, however, Damascus continues to consider the territory of their own.