Moscow saw a threat in missile defense on the territory of Romania

Alexander Botan-Kharchenko

In Moscow after the appearance on the territory of Romania of elements of missile defense believe her country is an Outpost that poses a threat to Russia’s security. On Thursday, February 9, in interview to Agency “Interfax” said the head of the fourth European Department of the Russian foreign Ministry Alexander Botan-Kharchenko.

According to him, all these decisions are directed primarily against Russia. “The fact that it is extremely complicated interaction and cooperation is a fact. However, it is necessary to preserve and to use the opportunities that are there,” — said the diplomat.

Botan-Kharchenko added that the Bucharest “observed the blatant anti-Russian, and even Russophobic line inspired with the implementation of sanctions and avidly anti-Russian rhetoric.”

The diplomat noted that Russia and Romania are the basis for cooperation, “the point on which to rely in order to overcome the unfavorable situation in the relations.”

In may of 2016 in Romania was formally put into combat duty missile complex Aegis Ashore. A similar facility is planned to start in 2018 in Poland. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow believes the missile defense system in Romania, part of US nuclear posture, not a defensive complex.