Member of Congress told about the “attack” of Russia in Korea

Maxine Waters

Member of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress from the state of California, a Democrat from Los Angeles Maxine waters said that President Donald trump provoked his own impeachment that does nothing in response to the Russian offensive in Korea. According to Daily Express, she said this during a press conference shown on TV channel C-SPAN.

Waters, in particular, noted that calls for the impeachment of trump, in her opinion, “he makes it himself.” “The bottom line is that it enters into [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s arms, while he continues the offensive in Korea. I think he’s [trump] behaves to this position when people begin to ask: “What do we do?”. And the answer in the end will be: “We must do something with it”,” said a member of Congress.

She added that the US cannot have a President who behaves this way because it is dangerous for the country.

As writes the edition, users on the Internet suggested that the waters mixed up Korea with the Crimea.

Previously, she had been the object of attention of journalists. January 13, her speech was suddenly interrupted by the story of the English branch of the Russian channel RT. Later, the American Comedy show The Late Show on CBS showed a parody of this incident.