Media reported on the approximation of an unknown aircraft with the Board of trump

The unknown aircraft flew closer to put the Boeing 747, on Board of which at the time was the President of the United States Donald trump. On Wednesday, February 8, reported ABC, citing its own sources.

According to the channel, the incident occurred on 3 February in the sky over the palm beach (Florida). That day the tramp went to his residence Mar-a-Lago, to spend the weekend. One of the interlocutors spoke about the “visual contact” between the crews. Another claimed that the aircraft followed in parallel, and the distance between them is less than the interval of three nautical miles (5.6 kilometers). The pilots of both sides were in constant communication with air traffic control and danger of collision arose.

ABC adds that the competent authorities investigate the reasons of unacceptable convergence, which implies the channel is probably produced surveys of dispatchers and pilots.

In mid-January it was reported that the head of Boeing’s Dennis Muilenburg after a meeting with trump has promised to reduce the cost of development and delivery of a new presidential aircraft. Of excessive, in his opinion, the cost of the boards the presidential squadron, the us leader spoke 6 December 2016. He stressed that the program is a volume of four billion dollars “out of control” and needs to be minimized.