Cultural workers are asked to cancel in Vladimir the play “the Master and Margarita”

Cultural workers are asked to cancel in Vladimir the play “the Master and Margarita”

Posters of the play on the streets contain the marking “18+”, as well as information about what all the actors on stage completely naked.

VLADIMIR, 8 Feb. /Offset. TASS Anna Ustinova/. The theater community of Vladimir was found inappropriate performance “the Master and Margarita” performed by naked actors Conceptual theatre Cyril Ganina (Moscow) tour which will be held in the city on 9 February.

With such statement the Director of the Vladimirskiy academic regional drama theatre Boris Gunin has applied to the regional Department of culture, the administration of Vladimir and to the leadership of the concert hall, where the planned performance. About this TASS said the Gunin.

I think that performances of this kind in Vladimir to seem should not because they do not correspond to any notion of theatrical ethics, no concept of morality.Boris Goindirect Vladimir regional academic theatre of drama

Posters of the play “the Master and Margarita”, which hang on the streets of Vladimir, contain the marking “18+”, as well as information about what all the actors on stage completely naked.

As explained by the Director of theatre of the Moscow colleagues; he saw only the entries in the Internet, but was able to understand that the theater arts production of a distant relation. He also said that expressed his attitude to the leadership of the regional Department of culture of administration of the Vladimir concert hall, where a tour.

Lately passionate about all shocking, it’s all liberal, art-no. But this shocking, which, unfortunately, spoils the taste of the public, aimed only to collect money… I think, what do such performances have no place in Vladimir.Nikolai Workoutcenter regional branch of the Union of theatrical figures

Officials support actors

In the Department of culture of administration of Vladimir region on nastorozhenno relation to the Moscow performance is known.

As reported by TASS, the acting Director of the Department of Faith Zinnatullina, she warned the concert hall of the hotel “Good”, the stage of which is due the actors, the organizers of the tour, “playing with fire”. In addition, the clerk was requested to “mix candid moments.”

“In a state institution, we would never have made the show such a spectacle. Our main complaint about the show is that they are in the clear show the private parts of men and women on the stage, that’s the claim. This is unacceptable from the point of view of our ethical ideas about theatre art. Of course, this is nowhere in the law is not written, and we have no censorship, and the work is not prohibited, but because of this it is possible to imagine,” — said Zinnatullina.

Naked actors go in Vladimir

Despite the protest of the Vladimirskiy artists, the Conceptual theater troupe going on tour in Vladimir. According to the Director of theatre Cyril Ganina, the actors recently returned from a tour of Israel and Germany.

From culture to hear such claims I the first time faced the such. We do not go beyond artistry… People don’t go naked, for example, the Margarita, it simply does not have some items of underwear.Cyril Gaminator productions

As said Ganin, the version with the Nude actors to stage the play “Master and Margarita” show in the theater for six months.

According to open sources, the production Director have been criticized and regarded as pornographic, in addition, worker culture was in court. In particular, the heir of Mikhail Bulgakov filed a lawsuit against the erotic staging of “the Master and Margarita”, but the court sided with the Director. Ganina theatre works since 1994.