Batman, Kid, Motorola, Givi: how to methodically destroy the leaders of Donbass

Givi is not the first in the list of commanders of the militia of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics killed for the last time. And not just for the last. The hunt lead on the leaderboard. And that’s what the hunt – destroy purposefully, so probably not in battle, where few people were equal.


January 1, 2015
The first day of the new 2015 LC began with a firefight. Unknown persons attacked a convoy of vehicles of the rapid response team. The fire was conducted from machine guns, grenade launchers and even flamethrowers. Alexander Bednov, the commander of the group Callsign Batman found inside the armored van. Along with him were killed five fighters.


Cossack death
January 22, 2015
After three weeks in the LC dies, another leader of the militia – the commander of the Cossack guard Evgeny Ishchenko with a call sign Baby. His car came under fire of the Ukrainian subversive groups. In the same year in December, unknown persons planted a bomb in the car of another Cossack chieftain Paul dremova. Charismatic and popular among the common soldiers dad died on the way to his own wedding.


Death of a poet
May 23, 2015
The commander of the battalion “Ghost” people’s militia LNR Alexey Brain – one of the few, whom many knew by name. He was not only the military, wrote poetry in Russian and Ukrainian languages. An implacable opponent of the new Ukrainian government shot the car at the entrance to the village of Mikhaylovka.


The Death Of Motorola
16 Oct 2016
Best friend Givi, national hero of Donbass, the commander of special forces Sparta, whom hated Kiev – Arseniy Pavlov, aka Motorola. It was an explosive night in the lift of own house. The investigation revealed the murder was organized by the Ukrainian security services.


4 Feb 2017
Death of a policeman
The blame for the death of Oleg Anashchenko, too, lay on the SBU. Head of the national police LNR were killed in the attack. On the morning of 4 February, his SUV exploded in Luhansk. Today said goodbye to him the inhabitants of the city.

Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda / Globallookpress