In Tajikistan, were going to return to the alphabet letter “C”

In Tajikistan, were going to return to the alphabet letter “C”

Moscow. 8 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — IN Tajikistan are discussing the possibility of returning to the alphabet of the Tajik language the letter “C”.

As reported “Interfax” head of Department of the Tajik language, Institute of language and literature of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan the Sayfiddin Mirzoyev, the proposal to return the letter “C” in the alphabet referred to the Committee on language and terminology under the government of the Republic.

According to Mirzoyev, the need to return to the alphabet letter “C” is justified not only because it felt the problems when writing borrowed words, but when writing local place names.

“The letter “C” is not alien to the Tajik language as some claim. It was present historically, including this letter was used in old Persian, sredneuralski languages and is now used in the Pamir languages as well as in the toponymy, the names of villages, localities. If you do not use a drive letter, replacing it with other, distorted the meaning of words. Adding that letter in the alphabet of the Tajik language, we have nothing to lose,” — said Mirzoyev.

The Tajik Cyrillic alphabet was introduced in the late 1930-ies, replacing Latin. The romanized script of the Tajik language in turn was introduced to replace the Persian script at the beginning of the twentieth century “in order to increase the share of literate population and distancing from Islamic influence.” The present alphabet of the Tajik language based on the Cyrillic alphabet consists of 35 letters. The letters “C”, “U” and “S”, was officially excluded from the alphabet reform of 1998.