CNN reported about the plans of the senators to veto the lifting of sanctions against Russia

A group of senators of the U.S. Congress from the Republican and Democratic parties intends on Wednesday, February 8, to propose a bill that would allow to veto the President’s decision of Donald trump to lift the sanctions against Russia. About it reports CNN TV channel.

According to the document, the White house will have to provide a detailed report on the reasons for lifting sanctions on Russia. After that within 120 days, Congress can vote against such measures.

The initiators of the bill, as noted, are Republicans Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio (a former opponent of trump’s for the Republican nomination in the presidential race), John McCain, and Democrats Ben Cardin, Claire McCaskill and Sherrod brown.

6 Feb Graham said he will submit a draft law on anti-Russian sanctions for “intervention in election”.

A bill blocking the abolition of the trump restrictions against Russia, announced by democratic Senator Chuck Schumer on January 22. “The lifting of sanctions Russia we say: “Continue to interfere in our elections and to do other bad things”… That would be terrible,” said the Senator. McCain then called for tougher anti-Russian sanctions.

January 10, a number of senators-Republicans and Democrats, including McCain, introduced a bill on sanctions against Russia because of cyber attacks and the situation in Ukraine and Syria. The document, in particular, foresees the introduction of restrictions for cooperation with the power structures of the Russian Federation, and also for the support of hackers. In addition, it restricts investment in the energy sector of Russia.

Trump during election campaign has declared its readiness in case of a victory on elections to consider recognition of Crimea as part of Russia, as well as the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions.