Chinese foreign Ministry suggested Washington to brush up on the history of the Second world war

Washington should brush up on the history of the Second world war after the remarks about disputed Islands in the South China sea. This statement was made by foreign Minister Wang Yi, reported on the Agency’s website on Tuesday, February 7.

“In the Cairo Declaration of 1943 and the Potsdam Declaration of 1945, clearly indicated that Japan the results of world war II is obliged to return to China previously captured lands, including Islands of the Spratly archipelago (Nansha),” — said the Minister of foreign Affairs of China.

Wang recalled that in 1946 Beijing with the assistance of the American side on the basis of the law returned the sovereignty over the Islands of the archipelago. Subsequently, however, he noted, some countries have illegally occupied part of the Islands that led to the emergence of tensions in the South China sea.

The Minister stressed that the issues regarding the disputed Islands should be resolved directly by the parties involved through consultation and dialogue.

Earlier, on 7 February the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson confirmed the US intention to meet the obligations for the protection of Japan, including Beijing in the contested Islands of Senkaku archipelago (Diaoyu) Islands in the East China sea, reports RIA Novosti. He stressed that the archipelago “is under the jurisdiction of Japan and is subject to the fifth article of the Treaty of mutual cooperation and security” between Washington and Tokyo.

Between Japan and China have a territorial dispute regarding the Senkaku Islands, near which discovered oil deposits. De facto this territory Japan controls, but China imposes on their claims since the late 1960s. According to Beijing, the archipelago was discovered by the Chinese in the XIV century and is a Chinese native land.