Ukrainian blogger called burn Russian cameras and pressure tanks

President-Manager of RINGOO shops in Kiev Yana Potosnak called “crush the ethnic Russian tanks” in Ukraine and “burn them in the gas chambers”. This Potosnak wrote in his blog on the website According to the Ukrainian edition “News”, now the post is already removed by the author.


“Where our self-esteem to yourself? Why we don’t pressure tanks of all ethnic Russians living in our land? Why are we, finally, will not start burn them all in gas chambers?” – asks the businesswoman.


She also believes that it is necessary to introduce criminal responsibility for “compassion” to the brotherly people and the Russian language should be prohibited on a state level.


“We need to criminalize compassion for the Russian! For the provision of any assistance! Medical! Legal and so on!” – urged Potosnak.


“It’s about time our Parliament to pass a law according to which ethnic Russians must be just to be cremated,” continues the blogger.


Moreover, it is demanded to dig up the graves of all ethnic Russians in Ukraine are buried, and their cremation.


The blogger did not forget to remind readers about “great promotions”, which its commercial network launched for International women’s day.