Strange pedestrian crossing “Zebra” until then, until it was hit by a car: video

A resident of Ussuriysk took video of a strange man who was repeatedly crossing the crosswalk. A video of a resident of Primorye posted on the social network Instagram.


The man in the video chasing unknown target repeatedly moves the pedestrian “Zebra”. Having made the transition, the man turns around and goes in the opposite direction, oblivious to a red traffic light and cars.


“A strange man was seen at the intersection of Pushkin and Lenin. Went on a pedestrian crossing here and there for a long time according to eyewitnesses. Even the red light did not stop,” wrote placed the roller user.


According to other users residing in Ussuriysk, in the end, the persistent man still got hit by a car. The reasons for such action and the motives of this man is currently unknown.

Video: mark2_che / Instagram