In Israel, the Parliament legalized settlements in the Palestinian territories

The Israeli authorities have legalized the buildings on the West Bank of the Jordan, in the Palestinian territories. On 6 February, the Knesset approved the relevant law. It is noted that the decision was not unanimous. The gap was only eight votes. For the legalization of the settlements voted 60 deputies, against – 52.


In total, the Israeli Parliament of 120 seats, thus, the part of the lawmakers abstained from voting on this issue.


It is reported that the new law retroactively authorize the construction of about four thousand homes for settlers on private Palestinian land on the West Bank of the Jordan river, the site of”Komsomolskaya Pravda”.


In addition to these settlements in the West Bank are about 100 illegal even according to Israeli authorities, outposts and groups of buildings that occupy a total of 800 hectares of private Palestinian land. In total, the region is home to about 600 thousand Israelis.

Photo: imago stock&people/ Globallookpress