Green Labrador puppy born in the UK

In the UK, there is an unusual puppy. Small Labrador Retriever was born completely green. About it writes Daily Mail.


As the newspaper notes, initially, the owners unique dog named Fifi found it black. However, over time they saw that their pet green shade of wool. At the same time, brothers and sisters Fifi were born with the usual pale yellow color.


Mother green puppy named Millie, also from the crowd, not stand out – she has brown hair.


Experts have explained the unusual Fifi. According to them, green puppy signifies a high content of biliverdin in the placenta of the dog. And people who suffer from jaundice, the skin sometimes gets a greenish tint.


By the way, the nickname Fifi the little girl decided to give in honor of Princess Fiona from the popular cartoon “Shrek”.

Photo: Elaine Cooper / facebook