Become aware of the circumstances of the death of the boy on the hill in the suburbs

An eyewitness told the TV channel “360” about the circumstances of the death of a seven year old boy while riding on the tubing in the Noginsk district. The incident occurred on Saturday, February 4, at about 16:00.

According to the witness, the child down the slide with his father. “They did not go on the thumb slide, where all the riding, and on the other hand, where a lot of trees. Father was quite a large man, the boy sat at the father. Then they start to spin and they crashed into a tree so that the boy hit his head,” he said.

To help the child rushed to the wife of the witness — a doctor and resuscitation, which was also on the hill. They tried to pump the boy for 40 minutes.

Friend of the family said that the parents of the deceased — “very sociable and adequate.” “When it happened, the boy’s mother was in the hospital with my daughter (sister, deceased), my dad just had a day off, and they went to ride the roller coaster”, she said.

The death of a child in a wooded area near the horticultural non-commercial partnership (SNT) “Kupavna” became known on February 4. As reported, during skiing tubing ice slides the child hit his head on a tree, causing died.

On this fact initiated preliminary examination, the result of which will be procedural decision.