Putin explained the intensification of the conflict in the Donbas the desire of Kiev “to blow” money

Vladimir Putin

The reason for the escalation of the conflict in the Donbas was the need of Kiev in the money and the desire of the Ukrainian authorities to present itself as a victim in the eyes of European partners. This statement was made by President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a joint Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban press conference in Budapest, reports on Thursday, February 2, the correspondent of”.ru”.

“The first reason is that the Ukrainian authorities today need the money. And money it is best to blow from the European Union, and individual European countries, from the United States and from international financial institutions, exposing themselves as the victims of aggression,” — said Putin.

He stressed that the current Ukrainian government, supported the opponents of the new US President Donald trump. According to Putin, “now they need to establish relations with the current administration [USA], and also through the conflict that’s always better.”

The Russian leader added that the resumption of hostilities has also led and domestic political factors in Ukraine. According to the Russian President, “with the apparent failures in the area of social, economic policies” intensified the Ukrainian opposition. “It needs to be plugged, we need to mobilize around the current leadership population. This task is also easier achieved on the background of the resumption of a conflict,” — said the head of state.

The battles of Avdiyivka, which began in the last days of January, were the most violent since August, 2015. The armed conflict in the Donbass began in the spring of 2014 after the attempt of the new Kiev authorities to suppress the demonstrations in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.