The Senator also spoke about the opportunity to change the far Eastern hectare

The participants of the program of free land distribution in the far East will be able to change the selected area, told the National news service (NSN), the Senator from the Magadan region, Anatoly Shirokov.

“If you don’t like the plot you chose — no questions, change! We have 146 million hectares of ready, and possibly up to 180 million hectares”, — he said.

From February 1, any Russian citizen can obtain a free plot of land with an area of one hectare in the far East. To claim land you once. The site is available in five years. If it is mastered, it can be rented or purchased. Applications for the “far Eastern hectares” are registered via the website Nadalnews.of the Russian Federation.

Land distribution in the region began on 1 June 2016. Initially, the stations could expect only the residents of some municipalities in the Far East, and from October 1, 2016, the programme was extended to all the inhabitants of the Far East.