The candidacy of the new mayor of Yaroslavl must approve at the end of February


RIA Novosti

The Yaroslavl deputies on Wednesday launched a tender procedure for the election of the mayor, who will replace convicted for corruption Yevgeny Urlashov, presumably, the candidate of the mayor must be approved at the end of February, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

On Wednesday there was held a meeting of the municipality of Yaroslavl. One of the issues on the agenda was the launch of the competition for the position of mayor of the city. The new mayor will replace convicted for corruption Yevgeny Urlashov, whose sentence came into force on 20 January and the same day his powers of the mayor shall be considered terminated prematurely.

Criminal case Urlashov became one of the most famous in Russia, given the fact that he, as a representative of the opposition in 2012, won the election of mayor, gaining about 70% of the votes Yaroslavtsev. Shortly after his arrest, the deputies changed the procedure for the election – now it’s a competition. Of the bid on participation in the competition of candidates of mayor will choose a special Commission consisting of representatives of the Governor, municipality of Yaroslavl, the public chamber and the development Foundation of Yaroslavl. To say the mayor will be at the meeting of the municipality of Yaroslavl of open voting.

“All the deadlines that we have approached, and we need to make a decision on the appointment of bankruptcy procedure, to the end of February, there the decision was already before my eyes on this issue”, — said the Chairman of the standing Committee of the municipality Oleg Danilin. He said that since the launch of the tender procedure, the candidates for mayor will be able to submit your documents within 14 days.

By a majority of votes deputies have approved the offer.

“The decision was made, colleagues. We are launching, for the first time in the history of the city of Yaroslavl, the tender procedure for the election of the mayor of Yaroslavl and I hope that in the month of February, this contest will be held, and at the next Council meeting we’ll speak with candidates for this position and to choose the mayor of the city of Yaroslavl”, — said the Chairman of the municipality of Pavel Zarubin.

The Yaroslavl regional court on 20 January, agreed with the court of first instance that Urlashov, his Advisor Andrey Lopatin and the Director of the Agency for the municipal order of housing and utilities Maxim Poikalainen from December 2012 to July 2013 required 18 million rubles from the businessman for participation in the realization of the municipal project. In case of refusal, the mayor, according to investigators, threatened with non-payment of money under the contract. Urlashov said that extorted money, and the amount of his just wanted to thank you.

In addition, according to the RF IC, in the same period Urlashov received from the General Director of OOO “Construction company “Artistry” 17 million rubles of the total amount of a bribe of 30 million rubles. Illegal remuneration intended for assistance in making decisions on the transfer of a controlling stake in JSC “Urban road management” to LLC “Construction company “Artistry”.