Took the alcohol from someone else’s office party, the actress and her friend accused of robbery

Actress Marina Moskvin and her friend Yulia Morozova was accused of attempted robbery committed on the new year party Rosgosstrakh Bank. On Tuesday, January 31, reports TASS with reference to lawyer Michael Osherova, whose office represents the interests of one of the accused (which, not specified).

The incident occurred December 26, 2016 in the capital hotel “Korston”. As the lawyer told about the celebrations for his client found out in Instagram. “I saw… the announcement of the corporate Rosgosstrakh Bank with free entry, my friend decided to go to meet nice men. To explore failed decided to at least take champagne”, — quotes the lawyer of RIA Novosti.

Moskvina and Morozov, according to Osherov, took three bottles of alcohol with a total value of not more than 2,5 thousand rubles (a bottle of champagne “Abrau Durso” and a bottle of Jameson whiskey, another bottle of champagne they brought the waitress Banquet hall) and tried to leave the party.

“Soon, however, the employee of Rosgosstrakh Bank called security of the hotel, which gave their employees of the police Department of the Gagarin district,” — said osheroff.

According to him, on this incident a criminal case under article 30 of the criminal code “Preparation for crime and attempted crime”, and paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 161 of the criminal code “Robbery committed by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion”, the maximum penalty for which is seven years imprisonment.

Counsel also argues that under “the psychological pressure of the police” the girls pleaded guilty, prior to consideration of the case in court they will be under house arrest. According to Osherov, the victim in the case is the head of one of departments of the Bank.

To get an official comment from Bank representatives TASS has not yet succeeded.

On the website stated that Marina Moskvina in 2010 starred in one movie and played a cameo role in two serials — “the Detectives” and “Trace”. TASS reports that as the model the girl is removed for fashion magazines.