Recent overstayers in the office apartment of the former MP brought things

Michael Fill

Former state Duma Deputy Mikhail Fill almost two months of illegally occupying official accommodation in Moscow, took out things and promised to leave it for days. On Tuesday, January 31, TASS reported.

Fill was the last of the 14 former parliamentarians who refused to leave the service apartments. They will have to compensate for costs incurred through their fault.

“Control manual for residential Fund Manager had submitted to the Nikulinskiy district court 14 claims annulment of the right of use of premises and eviction”, — said the press-Secretary of the administrative Department of the President of Russia Elena Krylova.

Hearings on civil cases scheduled for 6 February. The claims against the defendants has already been freed of the apartments will be revoked, added the spokesman.

According to her, also filed lawsuits against 14 former parliamentarians about the reimbursement of the cost of living from December 4, 2016 on the day of the eviction from the apartment. They have a management organization for utilities 95 296 rubles 7 kopeks.

“In addition to fees for utility services and rental housing in excess of the period, so 14 the ex-MPs have still Manager of the Russian President 76 140 rubles 22 kopecks and their total debt amounts to 171 436 rubles 29 kopecks,” — said Krylov.

Deputies of the state Duma of the sixth convocation had to leave the apartment in the house on Olof Palme street until 4 December. Office accommodation is provided to the elected officials only work for a while in the lower house of Parliament.

In mid-December, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposed to permanently solve the housing problem of the people’s representatives, buying them for a one-bedroom apartment in the Metropolitan area Butovo.