Eight people were killed in a road accident in New Moscow

Accident in New Moscopterline: there was a video a fatal accident in New Moscow

In New Moscow accident involving two cars. The victims of the accident were eight people, four were injured. On Wednesday, February 1, RIA Novosti reported citing a source in the emergency services of the capital.

The incident, according to the source, occurred at the turning for the village of Korotygino.

As told RIA Novosti the Main emergency Department in Moscow, after the collision one of the cars caught fire. Rescuers are trying to retrieve people trapped inside the vehicle. To evacuate the victims to the place of accident flew a helicopter of the Moscow aviation centre.

REN TV said that faced the UAZ and Toyota. It is known that the fire started in the domestic car. According to the source channel, in the car were citizens of Kyrgyzstan.

Later in the traffic police confirmed the death of eight people and reported the hospitalization of three victims.