A former police officer with a gun caused quite a stir a psychiatrist in Istanbul

A former policeman, who came for a visit to the psychiatrist in one of Istanbul hospitals, inappropriately responded to the offer of admission. It is reported Hurriyet.

According to the chief physician of the hospital, proposed to lie on the examination of the patient, armed with a gun, pushed carried out the doctor out of the office, locked the door and declared his intention to commit suicide.

Arrived on the scene specialists of the crisis center are trying to convince the man not to commit suicide.

The clinic cordoned off by police, all the patients and staff of medical facilities evacuated.

On June 21 last year in Brussels the police detained the young man suspected of preparing a terrorist attack. He was wearing the object that looks like a suicide belt. After the examination revealed that the device is a dummy, filled with table salt and biscuits. According to law enforcement officials, the man could act in a state of mental disorder.