In India, a man was sacrificed on the altar of the beloved goddess

In India, a man was sacrificed on the altar of the goddess Chinnamasta. About it reports The Hindustan Times.

The incident occurred in the state of Jharkhand. 30-the summer inhabitant of the neighboring state of Bihar Sanjay Nath, the son of a police Sergeant, came to the temple early in the morning before dawn. As told by the clergy, he prayed a few hours, then went up to the altar, where usually kill sheep and sheep, took out a knife and stabbed himself. The temple had two hours to close because of the cleansing rituals.

When the police contacted the parents of Nathan, they said they are not surprised of what happened: Sanjay was a devoted follower of Chinnamasta, prayed constantly and repeatedly stated that he wants to leave this world and reunite with his beloved goddess.

“Chinnamasta” literally translated from Sanskrit means “beheaded”. Hindus consider her one of the incarnations of the mother goddess Devi. Usually it is depicted standing on a copulating man and woman, with a sword in one hand and his own severed head in the other. From the neck Chinnamasta beat three jets of blood, one of which is drinking her severed head and two of her companions.